Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Euphraise Barbier

Euphrasie Barbier was a NZ Roman Catholic nun. She was born in Caen, France in 1829. When she was 13 she washed other people’s clothes as her job.

At 17 she opened her own business which was a laundry out of her home. One day Euphrasie Barbier heard a Bishop preach about his experiences in other very poor countries.

She decided to travel around the world to help marginalised people in poor countries. Euphrasie Barbier arrived in NZ in 1872 and joined the Mission Sisters.

Soon after Euphrasie started teaching European children and Maori girls. Euphrasie Barbier passed away in 1893 leaving behind many schools she had opened and communities she had supported.


Euphrasie Barbier was a kind and generous person who was faithful to God and her community. She confidently taught both women and children who lived in poor countries. Euphrasie was kind and kindness and was traveling all over the world to help marginalised people.

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